Why are some people so angry all the time? I’m not saying that I don’t get mad…I mean seriously pissed off …occasionally. But some people seem to live in a constant state of anger. Curse words flow from their lips like water from a spigot and their brow is permanently furrowed. It is frightening to be around them as they are like a volcano ready to erupt. The constant walking on eggshells around these people is exhausting.

I am not sure what makes them so angry. Was it one event that flipped a switch? Is the anger from frustration? Does it stem from jealousy? Bitterness? I’m not sure.

I see these people everywhere. Is life so horrible? Can they not see the good in life? Are they missing something?

I just want to open their eyes to the beauty of life. Sure there are crappy parts and unfairness but all in all life is pretty good. It is a matter of finding the good and peaceful place in your heart. I pray they find that peaceful place someday.


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