Tuesday my daughter turned 17. Yes, 17 years ago she entered my life. She made me a mother for the first time. She changed my life forever the day she was born. Actually the day I found out I was pregnant, my life changed.

She has been in a hurry since her conception. We were only married 3 months before I become pregnant. She could not wait to come into this world. She kicked and moved and made me uncomfortable as she grew. She was born 2 weeks early. Always in a hurry. My labor was not short but once she decided she finally wanted out, out she came with a quickness.

She was quick to talk, walk and become independent. She thrives on growing up and older. Her instinct is to move away from me….the faster the better. She wants things done fast and furious. She wants to grow up and move out. She has always been older than her years.

She is so like me but so much better. She is stronger and more self assured than I have ever been. She is more confident and has so many friends.

She is beautiful and talented but has yet to realize her full potential. She has cultivated a close relationship with her sisters that I adore … And am slightly jealous of as I did not have sisters. Our relationship is a rocky one as we are so much alike but lately there are more good days than bad. Her relationship with her dad is so tight. They text all day and have private jokes. Some women might be threatened by this but I am not. I think it is good and healthy. She adores him and has him wrapped around her finger…and he knows it. He loves it despite what he may say.

I look at her and think, “what next?” She is constantly surprising me and teaching me. She teaches me to be a better friend. She teaches me to be a better mom and person. I wonder what surprises lie in store for both of us this 17th year of her life.


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