Tonight was 17’s ring Mass. Tonight in church she was given her class ring. What started out as a beautiful sunny day ended as a cold, rainy night. No rain for weeks and tonight it poured. I think it was a good omen. The sky cried instead of me.

As I sat in church looking at my college ring listening to the priest talk about the importance of rings, I was reminded of my own ring day in college. I did not ever get a high school ring but I did get a college ring. I wear it every day. Memories flooded my mind as I sat in the church.

I was a junior in college when I received my ring. The whole family came to visit and attend the Mass. We spent the weekend celebrating this big day. My friends and I looked forward to Ring Day from the first day of freshman year. Wearing the ring meant we were finally part of the group…we were really Woodsies. It was like a membership to a special club. What we did not fully understand at that time was the depth of commitment and loyalty that came with the Ring.

Every woman who has graduated from the Woods since 1840 wears the same ring. The only thing that ever changes on the ring is the graduation year. It is a beautiful and unique ring that I wear every day. It is a constant reminder of many things but mostly that I am a part of something bigger than myself. I have a responsibility to my faith. I have a responsibility to the legacy of the ring. I have a responsibility to the Woods.

It is my hope that my daughter realizes the importance of her responsibility to her high school. The responsibility to her friends, faith and family. And that her ring is a constant reminder of that responsibility. We both have promises and miles to go…..

The Ring Song

Whose Woods these are, I think I know.

Her love will always be with us below.

Her ring we take, of us a part,

Encircling fingers young ’round her heart.

I pledge to her, a ring to keep,

Like Woods is lovely, dark and deep.

And I have promises and miles to go.

And I have promises and miles to go.

The bells of Saint Mary’s I hear they are calling,

The young loves, the true loves that come from the sea.

And so my beloved, when red leaves are falling,

the love bells shall ring out, ring out for you and me.



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