Today is the 363 day of my 46th year. Looking back it has been a good year. In 2 days I will enter my 47th year on the planet.  So many days. So many moments strung together to make my lifetime.
Why people fear getting older, or lie about their age continually mystifies me.  Me? I embrace it. I am proud of every year I have been on this planet. Each bag, sag or line on my body reminds me of my life experiences…some good, some great, some crappy. I would not change nor fix any of it. All of it has made me into the person I am today.  Do I have regrets? Not really. Everything that has happened in my 46 years 363 days has shaped me into who I am this very minute. Do I have things I wish I could change? Sure but the fact is that I cannot go back.  I see events in my life with the glasses of experience earned thought the years.  
So in 2 days I will turn the page on year 46 and begin year 47.  Will there be parties and cake and singing? Probably not.   Do I need a big celebration? Not at all. A glass of wine and a minute to catch my breath will be enough for me.  Birthdays are just that, the day I was born and entered the world. Every day should be a celebration ….of who I am becoming.  What the new year holds for me, only God knows. The fact that I am getting older does not frighten me. It excites me. I wonder what adventures await in the years to come.

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