Are you uncomfortable?
An open letter to Lance Armstrong
Dear Lance,
Thank for finally admitting that you were dishonest. I get it. It is hard to admit you have done something wrong but once it is out there you can deal with the consequences. What I don’t understand is why it took you so long to get this place. You lied and lied. People stood behind you and trusted you. People went to bat for you. You swore up and down that you were honest. You lied.
Now it is not only you that has to deal with your lies but so many others. Those who were faithful to you and trusted you have had their lives turned upside down. Not only have you shaken the core of your faithful but also the faith people had in your charity. What happens to those who trusted you, believed in you and now have no champion for their cause?
The world at large, the cycling world and cancer patients will go on. All will find faith in others and continue to move forward. The people I feel most deeply distressed for are your family members, mostly your children.
Dads are their children’s biggest heroes.  Dads are put on the pedestal by children, especially daughters, as the be all and end all. The world revolves around Dad. You have taken that away from your own children. You may not think it now, but what you have done will stay with them their entire lives. People may not trust them and they may lose trust in others. They carry your last name and will forever be tied to this scandal just as they were tied to your glory.
In your rise and demise are lessons for all of us. Glory is great but greatness earned of its own merits is true glory. Eventually we will all get caught in our lies and deception and it is up to us to take responsibility.  The ripples of our actions travel far and wide.  When people trust us, it is up to us to continually earn that respect by our actions. So many lessons….
Ultimately it is you, Lance, that has to get up every morning and look into the mirror. Do you like what you see?  
A sad mom and former fan 

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