As the year comes to a close, I feel compelled to come back to my blog. I took a break to focus on other things. Don’t get me wrong, blog entries swim around in my head on a daily bias but the time it takes to sit down and write it all has been too much for me lately.
I have spent the last few days reflecting back on 2013. Many things come to mind but as I think long and hard, I keep coming back to the same thing.
I have never been the strongest or the fastest. I have never been the best at much of anything. I never had the drive or ambition. I was never a star. In high school I managed the tennis team. I longed to play the lead in Carousel or Brigadoon but settled for the supporting cast as I knew there were other better suited for the lead.
I chose a small all women’s Catholic college rather than a Big 10 school because I thought The big 10 was for others not me.
I have always taken my place on the sidelines. I have been the cheerleader. I have been the support staff.
What I realized this year is that is my best position. It is why I love being a teacher. It is why I love being a coach for Girls on the Run. It is why I love being a pace leader for new runners.  I love helping other to see the best in themselves. I love helping others to realize their potential. I love being a cheerleader, coach and teacher.
People sometimes laugh or roll their eyes at my motto, Forward is a Pace. To me is sums up all that I am and hope to teach others. If we are moving forward … No matter how fast or slow… We are still moving in the right direction. We must continue to move forward. We can’t look back. We can’t relive the past. We must move forward at whatever pace suits is at that moment. Sometimes we move at the speed of sound and sometimes we are lucky to shuffle a half step. But as long as we move forward….we are moving on the right direction. Let us all continue to support one another and move forward in the new year. Forward is a pace.

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