So here it is. January 1. A blank slate   A time to start anew. I always hated resolutions because they never stick. They are not supposed to last a month. They are not supposed to be forgotten or recycled. They are not supposed to be a lie you tell yourself and others year after year.
Resolutions are meant to stick. They are supposed to  change you. They are meant to make you better than you were last year. Better than you were yesterday.
We can’t pay lip service to Resolutions.  It takes work…hard work … To change. We can work hard to stay the same, to change for the worse or better. It is all up to us.
So this year, make a resolution. Just one. One you know you can keep. One you know will make your life better. It doesn’t have to be huge. Just one little change. Write it down and work on it each day, every day, 365 days of this new year and see what happens. Peace.

1 thought on “Resolutions”

  1. I agree! I make goals for the year (run my first race was one) instead of saying \”I will work out every day.\” I trained for that race and didn't think of it as a resolution. That way its creating a new lifestyle by simple changes, instead of forcing yourself to stick to something crazy.


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