Today is the beginning of my 48th trip around the sun. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to go for a run. I have spent these cold winter days on the treadmill or on an indoor track but today I wanted to go outside. I wanted to feel the cold air fill my lung and feel alive. I wanted to take my pup for a run so I layered up and leashed up. I needed a little time to myself to recharge.
My miles today were not just for me but for another Mother Runner and her family. Meg Menzies was not someone I knew or ever even met, but I feel was a kindred spirit. She was a runner who last weekend went for a training run. It was on the fateful run that she was stuck and killed by a drunk driver.
Meg’s friends wanted to honor her and her story so they started a Facebook group. That group expended and turned into a group…no…a movement…in Meg’s honor. #megsmiles was born.
Today I ran 6.5 miles in the snow. It was not fast nor easy but each mile was for someone I love. I ran the first mile for my parents. Mile 2 was 25 year old for my step daughter (gosh I Loathe that term) who lost her mother a few years back. Mile 3 was for my 18 year old, mile 4 was for my 15 year old, mile 5 was for my 14 year old and mile 6 was for my baby, my 10 year old. The last .5 was for me. Each mile I ran, I thought of my own children and family but also of Meg’s family. Each mile I thought of all that running has given me. Each mile I thought of all my many blessings. What an awesome gift to myself…time to run.
Meg was training for Boston when she lost her life. She was looking of fulfill a dream. She was doing what all runners do…run. What she didn’t know or couldn’t know was that a driver was getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink.
Drivers are more distracted today than ever. Phones, texting, drinking all impair driving. I know. I was struck while out on a run by a driver who I saw looking at his phone but he didn’t see me. My dog saved my life that day. I was Lucky
We runners do what we do. We run. It is how we cope with life. It is how we relieve stress. It is how we come together. It is how we live. After Boston, runners ran. We all ran to honor all that could not run. I wrote about that  Here. Runners are a community.
Meg, I believe, knew that. She knew that running was different from every other sport. Running is more than sport. It is community. We runners celebrate the accomplishments of new runners as well as old. We celebrate every mile run. We celebrate each other. I believe Meg knew that.
Meg was like all Mother Runners. She kissed her kids and headed out the door for “just a run” “just a few miles” “I’ll be right back”. We runners run to recharge. We run to reclaim a little independence and sanity. We run to reboot that computer in our heads. We run to close the spouse/parent/friend/son/daughter/coach/worker tabs on that computer and get a fresh start. We need the fresh look at life that we get after a short run or a long run depending on the day. We need to reboot.
Meg was training for Boston. THE marathon. The ONE! She wanted to do more than just finish. She wanted to RUN Boston. Today the people who ran in her honor covered more miles than she would have training for multiple marathons. Today runners ran. Today people who had never put one foot in front of the other ran. They walked. They jogged. They moved to honor a woman they had never met but a woman who moved them. The impact of her life was felt in every footfall today…and tomorrow … And every day that these people move.
We can not change the past but we can learn from it. We runners need to do all that we can to learn and grow from this experience. We need to forgive. We need are not the ones that will live with the guilt and anguish that the driver faces in the future.
The impact of Meg’s life will go far beyond the movement that happened today. We runners now have a special angel on our shoulders keeping us company on those lonely miles. Meg will live on in the footfalls of every runner that continues to run today and every day. The fact that #megsmiles is also “meg smiles”is no coincidence. Forward is a pace.

2 thoughts on “Dedicated”

  1. thank you for sharing this, and yes, such a tragic loss. I talked a bit with my son about it, and he said, \”good thing there aren't any cars in the woods, Dad!\” kids are fun. I've been hit by cars while on my bicycle, but never on the run. Lucky, so far.Peace to you….


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