Dear Self Magazine,
I used to be an avid reader of your publication. I never subscribed, however, I read your magazine monthly either when I purchased it at the register or at the gym. I really enjoyed some of your articles and was inspired but the success stories you would publish. I even liked that my 4 daughters read your magazine. They would chose and try published recipes and workouts on a regular basis.
That has now changed. My view of your magazine has changed. While I once thought your magazine was about “you at your best’ as the cover states, I have come to realize that is NOT what your magazine is about. Your magazine seems to be about  your writers and editors vision of beauty and perception of what is best for all women. It is about their personal image of best not a true, individual vision of personal best. That is not what I want for myself or my daughters.
When I saw your page with the “BS Meter” regarding runners in tutus I was angry and upset. As the self proclaimed #tutulady, I run every race, every distance, in a tutu. I began running in a tutu a few years ago based on a promise to my Girls on the Run. I have kept that promise and then some. I do not run in a tutu because I think it makes me faster …good Lord I wish it did as I am often the slowest person on the course. I run in a tutu because it makes me and other people smile. It starts a conversation (sometimes only for a moment) that helps others on the course forget pain, distance, exhaustion, worry, doubt, and all else that ails them. That is what I am all about…making life better for others. I don’t run to be first or fast. I run to inspire others to be their best self. To make themselves proud. To do more than they ever thought possible. That is why I wear a tutu…not to be fast but to inspire.
vote for #tutulady

The theory of tutu spirit was born from my Girls on the Run. They inspire my every footfall. The sheer joy they exude feeds my soul.  I wrote a blog post about  “tutu spirit’ a few years back and in it I talk about the feeling that I get when I wear a tutu and run. The feeling of being a confident, powerful princess. That is something every girl…every woman should feel. We as women spend enough time bashing each other and putting each other down. We as women spend too much time being too hard on ourselves and working to fit someone else’s image of beauty. When are we going to learn the lessons we try to instill in Girls on the Run? Women are powerful when we believe in ourselves and each other. We are unstoppable when we channel our energy towards a positive purpose.

Your recent magazine had an item titled “inspiring new running gear”…my inspiring new running gear? Not what is pictured on your pages but, in fact, is a brand new tutu I made especially for my race this weekend. What else is inspiring to me is the fact that the woman in the photo is battling brain cancer. She is out there running 26.2 miles (no easy task) in a tutu while battling an illness that might take her life. She is out there living life large and full and beautiful and your magazine is mocking her and others like her.
Cheesy tutu

Another article boasts, “ I’m tired of being eye molested at the gym.” Well, honestly, put on a tutu and see what happens then!

Your editor did publish an apology to the women in the photo, however, one thing we teach our Girls on the Run is that once the toothpaste is out of the tube it is darn near impossible to get it back in. Once the words are out of our mouths or printed on paper, it is darn near impossible to take them back. We need to think to ourselves, “Is it kind? Is it helpful? is it supportive?” before we speak or write. We do not know anyone’s story and should not place judgments on one another.
Perhaps your team of writers and editors should spend some time volunteering. I would like to personally invite you to spend time with the coaches and girls of Girls on the Run.  Come participate in the lessons that change the lives for our girls. Come see what raw beauty, kindness, caring, compassion and exuberance for life looks like at its best. Come hang out and or run a race with the #tutulady and see what the true feeling of being a confident, powerful princess is all about. Come and be inspired.
Barbie butt kickers

Kristine Nader
Mom of 5
Girls on the Run Coach
Wearer of Pink Cowboy boots


Bandit tutu
Turkey tutu
School tutu

GOTR tutu
Running makes me tutu happy
Bears tutu
Rock and roll tutu

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