Life is a series of moments strung together to make days, weeks, months, years. As I have aged, I have realized that I need to be more awake and aware of these moments, slowing down long enough to savor each one. When my children were small I was so concerned with making it through each day alive, I often missed moments. I feel a great deal of guilt that I was in a hurry for my kids to get somewhere or do something or go to sleep or grow up. Now I want to slow down. I miss my children now that they are growing up and not with me each moment of every day. Time we spend together is precious. During the summer I get the chance to slow down and spend time with my kids.

I love summer for many reasons…longer days, slower pace, relaxed schedules…but what I love most is time with my kids. Summer is a time to reconnect, recharge and relax.  I string together moments with each of my kids making for memories to last me long into the cold days of winter.
Some of the moments from my summer thus far:
  • Running a race and having a 19year old thank me for helping her finish.
  • Watching my son in a parade
  • Floating on a raft with the whole family
  • Listening to my kids laugh together
  • Watching fireworks and listening to commentary from all the kids
  • Walking home in the dark with my 16yo, holding her hand and listening to her talk about life
  • Sitting in the driveway with my girls  while watching my son put on a fireworks show
  • long walks and running with my pups
  • watching my girls wishes float skyward towards the heavens in the night sky on Chinese Lantern
  • dinner at an outdoor cafe with my 18yo
  • laughing till my stomach hurts with my 16 and 14 year olds
There is a home on my daily dog walk route that has the most beautiful roses. I do ‘stop and smell the roses’ each time I pass knowing that soon those roses will be gone. The roses are a reminder that life is fleeting and each day I have to slow down and appreciate the moments. This summer slow down and enjoy moments. Life is not perfect but there are moments in each day that make it all worthwhile. String those moments and you have a life that is pretty darn amazing! Peace.

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