Me. I am who I am.  Take me or leave me. I am a big girl with a big, and oftentimes, overwhelming personality. I am done denying and apologizing for who I am.
I’m done muting my voice down to a  pathetic whisper. I’m done erasing my vibrant, beautiful colors and appearing to the world in dull muted tones. I’m done pretending I have no power, that I’m a helpless victim, that I don’t know how to rise like the brave, strong woman I have hidden away for years.

Gone are the days where it feels okay to recklessly abandon myself. Finished are the moments where it seems like a great idea to destroy myself. Done is the time where I please everyone but myself. I have decided that I deserve so much better….
I need to breathe. Deeply. Purposefully.  
I need to remember the absolute magnificence of my own soul. I am done thinking people are doing me an epic favor when they like me. I am done apologizing for every step I take, every word I utter, every breath I take. I am done leaning on flimsy excuses and selling myself so terribly short. I hereby declare every day a true celebration of my glittery awesomeness, my one-of-a-kind messy beauty, my huge imperfect heart, my amazingly sparkly tutu-clad soul.  I declare to never, ever forget the true radiance of of my worth.

From here on out, I will live like I mean it. I will live from the deepest, most unsteady depths of my soul. I will reach out living each day like I mean it.  I will slow down, taking time to smell the roses, lavender and other amazing scents of the world.  I will open my eyes to everyday miracles that surround me. I will stand tall, be brutally honest and unapologetically say the shit I need to say. I will continue to trust but demand honesty from all those that wish to be part of my life. I will move through tears and tough times being graceful and patient with myself and others. I will speak to myself kindly and compassionately. I will love fiercely, giving my full, huge heart in the most overwhelming, and often smothering, of ways.  I hereby grant myself permission to live the most awesome life possible. 

Gone are the times where it felt it was okay not to honor myself. Finished is the mistaken thought that self-confidence is arrogance. Done are the days where it made sense to destroy myself. I’m in the driver’s seat now—and I’m headed towards love. I’m barreling towards truth. I’m running towards myself. I’m rushing towards soul. There are no excuses left, there is no obstacle in my way, there is no one left to blame. I am in charge and I choose ME! Loving myself is the only option. Moving forward is the only path to take.

Hello world, 

Meet my amazingly huge heart. 
Meet my overwhelming, overflowing personality.
Meet my magnificent, deep, imperfect soul.
Meet my goddamn confidence
Meet the ballsy sparkle in my eyes
Meet the real #tutulady

Goodbye excuses. Goodbye apologies. Goodbye shame. It’s time to say goodbye to all of the crap and hello to love. I hereby declare the war on me finally OVER. I am done fighting. Not because I am tired of fighting but because I am so much stronger than I ever believed possible and it’s time for me to live my truth. It’s time for me to believe in me. It is time for me to fully love ME. I am shaking and crying but it is finally time. Time to stand up, straighten my spine, toss my head back to face the sun, spreading my wings to fly, soaring higher than I could ever imagine.  It is time. My time.
#forwardisapace Peace.

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