How many changes can you see?!
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Each year I run the Shamrock Shuffle. For me it is the unofficial start of my running/training/racing season. For the last few years I have run the race with my BRF (best running friend). We always start together but don’t often finish together.  We get to a certain point and then run our own race….faster/slower/whatever.
This year we started together and leapfrogged each other until close to the end when she took off.
I had only one goal this year….to run up Mount Roosevelt  nonstop, no walking until I rounded the corner. Not only did I run up the hill nonstop, but I kept running until I crossed the finish line!
My BRF and I finished within a few minutes of each other.  I felt so good when I was done….better than I have in a long while and I was so proud of what I had accomplished. It was not a PR by any means but I set a goal and crushed it.
We found each other, got a beer and took some pictures then went to eat!
It was not until a few days later when my BRF sent me 2 photos side by side that I realized how far we had come in 3 years. 3 years…..yes….it has been a long journey and one that is not over by any means but the difference I see in the 47 year old me and the 50 year old me …the 3 year difference is astounding.
The difference in the both of us is amazing. Both of us have been on a journey and the changes we have encouraged each other to make have not only affected our running but who we are as women. 3 years of pushing each other and cheering for each other. 3 years of tears and triumphs.  3 years of laughter and love.
Women….we need to inspire each other to be better  challenging one another to reach new goals. We need to mentor each other, reaching back and giving back to the next generation of women.  We need to respect each other’s journey while inspiring others to do the same.
None of us should ever be alone on this journey. Sometimes we will shuffle with each other. Sometimes we will walk with each other. Sometimes we will run with each other.  But sometimes….every once in a while…we will soar with each other.

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