I was told that I need to write more. I honestly wanted to spend more time AWAY from screens so this has been a conundrum for me. I’ve been writing more….on paper. I plan to access the better things I write and post them here and elsewhere.
This is something I wrote a while back. Given the MILLIONS of “perfect” holiday posts and pictures (Kardashians, anyone? Or should I say “Fauxdashians”*?)  we have seen all over social media I think it is the right time to post it…

What If…..

What if

Just for a week

Just for a day
Just for an hour
Just for a minute
We put away the hate.
We put away the judgement
We put away the hypocrisy
We put away the masks
What if
We get real.
What if we stop sharing the pretty
What if we stop filtering the unattractive
What if we stop altering reality
What if we stop covering up the pain.
What if
We get real
What if we share the unpleasant reality
What if we share the uncomfortable truth
What if we share the uncontrollable fear
What if we share the unceasing anxiety
What if
we get real?

 – KMB
So…what if we get real? Anyone willing to share a “real” photo and comment about their holidays or their life? If you dare…..tag me so I can admire your realness! Use the hashtags #getreal #whatif
*Fauxdashians – a term coined by my friend. It makes me laugh and might just become a hashtag for the new year!
Peace –

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