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Let’s Talk…..
I am not a teenager. I do not have “selfie skills.” My kids are constantly teasing me because I don’t take good photos or use filters when I do. I am far more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it!
I am old school. I learned to take pictures with a camera that had film. Film that needed to be developed and cost money to do so.  Taking a photo of myself was darn near impossible. I had to set the self timer and run to get in the picture, then hope and pray it came out ok because I could not see it until I developed the roll of film. Digital cameras made made it easier to take multiple photos and delete what I didn’t like but actually taking those photos was still a challenge. Cell phones with forward facing cameras? Well that was a gamechanger! I could take a tom=n of pictures and see exactly what I was doing and delete the ones that I didn’t like (or all of them!).
When I do take a “selfie” I look at it with such a critical eye. I see all that is wrong with me and the photo. I want to photo shop the lines and imperfections away. I want my photo to look like others I see on social media…..pretty and perfect.   My kids are constantly taking and posting selfies. I wonder what effect that will have on my kids and others like them.
I guess I will have to practice my “selfie skills” as well as acceptance of the subject matter.
Peace –

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