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Let’s Talk ….. Hackers.

Over the past few weeks one of my email accounts was comprised. Actually…that is putting it lightly….it was HACKED and hacked badly. No only were spam emails sent out to other people, but the hackers got into other accounts of mine. This email account is the one that is tied to most of my social media, bank and shopping accounts. Once the hackers had access, they attempted to change passwords and log in information. They blocked emails for password resets to the email address so I was not able to reset the passwords they changed. It was horrible!  Thank goodness for great customer service and 2 step verification that I had in place (they even tried to change that!).
The only real causality (or so I thought) was my Instagram account. The hackers changed my user name and password so that even 2 step verification did not work. They then deleted my account. I was frustrated, horrified and angry!  I have had the same account for years and have built a following….or so I thought. What I realized was that, although my old account was gone, it was just that….an account. Did I love seeing the latest with my friends, celebrities and businesses? Sure!  However, was losing the account the disaster I made it out to be in my head? No!
I am currently in the process of moving and downsizing.  Am I getting rid of everything? No. Am I releasing what no longer serves me in order to create space for what I need at this stage of my life? YES!  A “screaming out loud from a mountain top so the world can hear it” YES!!! The loss of my account seems very fitting for this stage of my life as I can now create the space that best serves me in the present.
I have created a new account and, honestly, I feel liberated. The old “stuff” is gone. The new account is a “tabula rasa” with a similar feel but fresher perspective.
So, while this time is my life is scary and I often times feel unsure, am I grateful? Again, the answer is a resounding yes. I am honestly grateful for the hackers who, while creating unnecessary chaos in my life, have forced me to reevaluate what is important and release more of the past that no longer serves me.
You are welcome to follow me as I move forward.
Peace –

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