Let’s Talk Kindness – 
Today while at the Dollar Tree the young man in front of me was waiting to pay for his candy. The line was long and he was so patient. When it was his turn to pay, he could not find his money. He panicked. His eyes welled up with tears and I could see the embarrassment and anxiety take over as he frantically searched his pockets. I reached in my wallet and handed the cashier a $5 to pay for his candy. She asked if I was sure…. I said yes. The kid looked at me and quietly said, “Are you sure? It’s ok. I don’t need it….”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“Thank you so much. Really. What’s your name? I’ll send you the money…”
“It’s ok buddy. You just pay it forward and do something kind for someone else.”
At that point the older woman behind me starts to cry. “This is the sweetest thing I have seen in months. This is what we need ….. more kindness!”
I told her I hoped that someone would do this for one of my kids.
Ruth, the cashier, was amazing too. She rolled with it all.
The kid eventually found his money and came back to pay me as I walked to my car. I refused. I told him once again “just pay it forward and be kind to people….”
I watched him get on his bike and ride away.
If you know a boy that was at the Dollar Tree about noon today….. he is a sweet kid who made a dreary day better for me.
I do not share this story for “atta girl” comments. I share it because we all need to take a breath. We all need to be more patient. We all need to choose kind.

Peace – 

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