I remember it like it was yesterday. 18 years ago, I was in the kitchen when the first plane hit with babies under foot. I left home to go to school to prep for the year thinking it was nothing….. a horrible accident. We were starting later that year due to construction and teachers filled the buildings. As we worked, people had TVs on and we realized this was far more. We were released to go home and I remember the craziness of trying to get home to my babies. I sat for hours in front of the tv with my kids on my lap reading them books and watching the news. It just would not end. The days and months that followed were filled with more bad news and it was hard to breathe. But we did. We, as a country, learned to breathe again. We must never ever forget how it felt to live in those days and months. We must never forget how it feels to lose ourselves. We must never forget. #neverforget #911

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