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Prophecy – To speak something into existence. 
My son has taught me a great deal about this and does it so well. I used to say he was just lucky or gifted but it is so much more than that. He is really gifted and does have a lot of lucky things happen to him but bottom line…..he speaks things into existence. He says things so many times and with such conviction….as if they will or have happened.
I am a true sceptic but decided to try it. A few years back, and at his urging, I wrote my goals and dreams down in a notebook. I really left it at that and did not give it a second thought.
Yesterday, as I was clearing out my bookshelf, I found that notebook. Before I tossed it, I opened it to look inside. What I found shook me to my core…
I only wrote on one single page of the book. I wrote a simple list. I wrote some big dreams and goals.

Goal/Dreams 1/28/18
 – Run Chicago and TRAIN
 – Write a book
 – Find my passion

What was I thinking 2 years ago?!  So here is where I am right now….
Run Chicago and TRAIN – I did start a training program for my 10th Chicago marathon that year. I was so bound and determined to run one last time and make it an even 10. That did not happen. My hip got pissed off and stayed angry. No amount to PT or acts of kindness could quell that anger. That hip remains angry to this day….the anger has diminished some but it is still there waiting….for each time I over do it.
Write a book – I may not have written a whole book but I am well on my way. I wrote a chapter of a book along with some other super amazing badass women. At first I did not feel worthy to be in the book but over time, I have learned that each one of us has a story that needs to be shared and not one of those stories is better or worse than any other. Each story has value. Each story lands with someone. Each story empowers not only the author but the reader. I am an author!
Find my passion – My passion. Find my passion. What is my passion? I really am not sure yet. I am getting closer by the day to finding it but I am still not there yet. I feel that I have not only found a path but also found some amazing guides to move me forward, closer to that goal. I am getting there….
Can you imagine if I had put those goals and dreams where I could see them daily? I mean did talk about them but not with conviction. Imagine if I had spoken about them as my own son does? Words have such power!
Have I written my goals for 2020 yet? No. I am still trying to distill my big dreams and goals into something I can vocalize….or write concisely. It is a process. If you look at the date on those from 2018, it was not until the 28th of January that I had them figured out. I feel like we are all pressured to have it all thought out by the stroke of the New Year. Well…..I call bullshit!  Write your goals and dreams when ever and where ever you want. Just write them down. Talk about them with others. Speak them into existence to yourself and to others. Your words are so powerful.
Let’s all make 2020 the year of self fulfilling prophecies in the best way possible!

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