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Lemons, lemon trees, sour, sweet, growth…
I am a big one for signs and symbols. I look for the deeper meaning in all things.   I call them God-Incidents.
Last winter I wanted a lemon tree….for no other reason other than I saw one online and thought it was pretty. So I researched and found out that it was not the “season” to buy the trees in my area. I was determined and called all the shops in my city. I found ONE…yes one lone tree at a ganden center that is near and dear to my heart. It seemed fitting that they were the only one to have the plant. I later found a few others at another garden center I love and got 2 more. I tended my trees, watching them flower and begin to grow fruit. It takes 9 months for a lemon to grow from flower to fruit, a fact that was not lost on me.
I finally decided to look up the symbolism of the lemon tree and what I found was astonishing.
The lemon tree is a symbol of cleansing, freshness, healing, happiness, love, light, optimism, well-being and positive surroundings. It is used to attract good luck and clear the air of negativity. Giving the gift of this fruit is a sign of our ability to make things easy for one another in life. It sends a message that we are a source of comfort to those who are willing and ready to make the right changes in life. Many people add lemon to water or tea because it helps clean out toxins from the body.

The lemon tree bears a great deal of fruit year round. Having a lemon tree is seen as a sign of abundance.  This is also considered as a sign that everything is going to work out well for you and your life will be filled with joy and happiness. This tree is a sign that you are going to have more than enough, however, you need to learn to share the abundance,  helping those who do not have as much as you do.
The lemon tree is believed to have the ability to assist in accepting some of the various changes that are about to take place in our lives as it adapts to change well.   This tree is an evergreen plant and it has green leaves throughout its life, that is, it does not shed its leaves throughout its life. They can also live for about 100 years if cared for well. This tree has the ability to show people more about the reality of life and how you can be a source of growth, longevity and light in people’s life. 
Lemons, while sour at first, can be turned into many wonderful, sweet tasting treats with a little care and effort. It is all about how they are prepared.
Lemons….I thought I just wanted the plant because it was pretty and would bear fruit if I was lucky. Now that I look at the deeper meaning? I see that it was no coincidence that I wanted….no…needed this plant in my home.
My first crop of lemons was ready for harvest this week and they taste amazing! Funny they chose a day of a snowstorm ….a cold grey windy say to drop off and bring some sunshine into my life.
Find your sunshine today. Add some lemon to your water. Everything is going to work out ok…..

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