Valentine’s Day 2013
I spent a cold dreary February day at a funeral.
It is a day etched in my mind for many reasons. 

It is a day that, though sad, made me realize that
sometimes love,
means leaving.
Sometimes love means saying goodbye.
Sometimes love means putting yourself first.
Sometimes love means pain.
Sometimes love means you have to face the facts
Sometimes love looks nothing like what you thought it was supposed to…..and you realize that it’s not love at all.
It’s abuse.
Sometimes love means leaving.
Sometimes love means finding the courage to do what is best and that takes time.
Sometimes love makes you do things outside your character.
Sometimes love motivates you to want more.
Sometimes love fills the empty places you never knew existed.
Sometimes love looks nothing like you thought it would….
Sometimes love is right in front of you.
Sometimes love is staring back at you in the mirror.
Sometimes love is you.
Love yourself enough to put yourself and safety first.
Love yourself, trust yourself and respect yourself enough to leave behind what no longer serves you.
Love yourself and trust yourself enough to move forward
Love yourself because you are worth it
Sometimes love means starting over because
Sometimes love means leaving.


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