Way back in early February I had a glass of wine…actually 2. The next day, I decided to give up alcohol for a while. It was not because I drink too much or because it was a problem but because I wanted to take a break. I was inspired by an amazing group of women who I admire greatly. To be completely honest, I have had only 3 sips of alcohol since that time. Each time, I took a sip and realized I didn’t want it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a glass of wine and I have booze in the house. There have been times I have really wanted to crack open a bottle of wine or pour a drink during this pandemic, but I didn’t. Over the past 4 months I have become keenly aware of the culture of alcohol and drinking we live in.
I am not a teetotaler (you youngsters can look that one up!) but taking a break has provided many benefits, namely weight loss and clarity! Waking up with the ability to remember what I did/said the day (and night) before is amazing! I can fully embarrass myself without the assistance of alcohol, thank you! Eating rather than drinking calories is surprisingly great too! Food tastes better than any boozy drink! Ok…maybe that is not all that true but I will say that for me it is far more satisfying to eat calories than drink them!
I know many friends who have decided that a relationship with life is more important than a relationship with alcohol and for that, I admire them so much. Life is difficult and more so without a buffer. Life is amazing and more so without a filter. Major Props to my sober friends!!
Will I have a glass of wine or a drink someday? Maybe. Will I have a glass of wine or drink here and there? Maybe. But for now, I love the freedom, the clarity and the ability to choose my path forward.

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