Some moments are hard. Some days are hard. Some weeks and months are hard. Life is hard sometimes but we have to keep moving forward. Does that mean we can’t embrace the suck once in a while? NOPE. Life is actually better when we do.
I was having a rough day today. Pity party of one, anyone? I reached out to a friend and invited her to my party. Funny, she invited me to her pity party last night. She repeated some of the same things to me today that I had said to her last night.
Together we unpacked what was bugging each of us. Together we held space and sat with each other as we embraced the suck. Then, after a while, we packed up what would serve us and moved forward.
Sometimes on the road of life we can veer off into the ditch of self pity, anger, depression, anxiety, jealousy, rage, loneliness, fear…the list goes on and on as the ditch can be deep and wide! We may need a friend (or professional therapist) as an emotional tow truck to help us get unstuck. We may not always need to be rescued or fixed. Sometimes we just need that tow truck to show up, keeping us company while we find the answers and fix the problem on our own. Sometimes we do need that tow truck to pull us out of the ditch and get us back on the road. Either way, it is good to have that number at the ready so you can reach out in an emergency.
We can host that pity party sometimes. We can veer off into that ditch occasionally, embracing the suck when it happens. We just can’t unpack and live there. We can’t overstay our welcome.
Who is your emotional tow truck? Who sits with you while you embrace the suck? Who hauls your butt out of the ditch and gets you back on the road moving forward?
Be sure you have that number handy at all times. You never know when you will have an “emergency.”

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