Freedom. Such a small word with diverse and deep meaning.
Freedom is an empowering. It gives us the opportunity to succeed, and also to fail. It allows us to make our own way in life, and requires that we accept the responsibility for that life and the choices we make.
Freedom for one person or group does not equate to freedom for others. We each need to work to create freedom for each other so we all have the opportunity to experience freedom.
Freedom is something greater than just the right to act however we choose—it also working towards providing an equal opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people.
Freedom is impossible without responsibility. You can be truly free only by being totally responsible for your life, your actions and your choices.
Freedom allows us to live a life that we choose and live authentically as our true self. Although, many people would choose freedom over any alternative, freedom can often be very frightening. It often forces us to make difficult decisions, and requires effort to maintain. Though freedom is the best course of action in life, it is seldom the easiest. Freedom has given individuals and communities the ability to create great things. Thankfully, freedom is available to more people than ever before. But just because it is available, doesn’t mean you have it. To be truly free, you must accept your freedom, and all the responsibility that comes with it. To be free means being your own person, with your own purpose, and passion, and integrity.
What does Freedom mean to you? How do you define Freedom?

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