We came into this world naked.

So…to be Naked. It scares many of us to death that are of a certain age and figure. I wrote a whole post about loving my body and feeling comfortable in my skin. I am comfortable and I am happy with whole I am. Why then does the prospect of being naked seem so scary? We were born into the world without ‘enhancements’ or even clothing and people thought we were adorable. What has changed?

As I start to think about this, my friend Molly has decided to try something revolutionary. No, she is not going to walk around sans clothing. She is going to go 60 days without makeup, tweezing, plucking, shaving, etc. All the things that we women think make us more beautiful.

My son asks me all the time why I wear makeup. Having a house full of girls he has learned that we don’t go anywhere until the hair and makeup are done. He wonders why this is important. He has told me that I am pretty enough without it all…as are his sisters. This conversation and Molly’s groundbreaking experiment got me to really question my own need for these things. I preach the gospel of Girls on the Run…. that all are beautiful just the way they are. So why do adult women, as well as teens and women of all ages,  feel the need to ‘enhance’? Men do not. Why do we wear high heels that are painful? Why do we wear push up bras? (Although I do not need this!!) Why do we feel the need to strategically ‘pull it in’, ‘push it up’ or ‘pop it out’?

I have issues even in my own home. I try to delay the wearing of makeup, plucking, tweezing, shaving, wearing of high heels for as long as possible with my daughters. There are other extended family members that get angry with me. They tell me that allowing my girls to play sports such a volleyball and basketball …well ….is not girly. They tell me …and my girls….that they should be shaving and plucking and doing all those ‘girly’ things at a young age. Why? Why can’t my girls just be who they are, look they way they wish and do the activities that excite them?

I have never been a big one for makeup. It is too much work….however I do feel naked without it. Why? Why does the thought of going a day without makeup frighten me so? I do not wear makeup all summer but then again, I am not working. I rarely wear ‘dressy’ clothes in the summer unless we are going somewhere special. So why then do I feel I ‘need’ makeup in order ‘not to scare people’ (which is what I tell my son)?

So many questions…so few answers. Why do you do the ‘girly’ things you do? Could you go a day/week/month without the ‘girly’ things?

I do not think I have the courage that Molly does and will live vicariously through her for now. She is a gifted, insightful woman. I look forward to learning more as she moves through this journey. To follow Molly’s Nakedness…

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