I took a walk today with 4 of my favorite guys (Puccini, Brubeck, Copelend, and Lucky dog). While I wish I could say we ran 6 miles, today we only walked it. I am still a bit anxious about running and falling again after my injury so we take it one step at a time. Today we walked.
While we were out, we saw a few of our lady friends. We have not seen them in a while due to weather and ….well….Covid!
“Still got his ball I see!” one of the ladies says.
“Goes no where without it!” I reply
Lucky? He was ready to flirt and show off for the ladies so I tossed the ball a few times as the ladies clapped and giggled then Lucky and I were on our way.
I had not realized how I missed something as small as that short interaction with the ladies. I had not realized I missed actually see them on our walks. I had not realized that they were all back outside walking together. And at that moment I DID realize that they…we …. had made it through a long winter.
Spring is a time of hope. It is a time when the weather starts to warm, the flowers start to bloom and the days get a little longer. It is a reminder that no season lasts forever. We all got through seasons in life with some seasons lasting longer than others but the seasons do change eventually.
I took a walk today with a few guys and met a few ladies. I took a walk today and felt something I have not felt in a long time……hope.

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