I took a walk today with 4 of my favorite guys (Puccini, Brubeck, Copelend, and Lucky dog). While I wish I could say we ran 6 miles, today we only walked it. I am still a bit anxious about running and falling again after my injury so we take it one step at a time. Today we walked.
While we were out, we saw a few of our lady friends. We have not seen them in a while due to weather and ….well….Covid!
“Still got his ball I see!” one of the ladies says.
“Goes no where without it!” I reply
Lucky? He was ready to flirt and show off for the ladies so I tossed the ball a few times as the ladies clapped and giggled then Lucky and I were on our way.
I had not realized how I missed something as small as that short interaction with the ladies. I had not realized I missed actually see them on our walks. I had not realized that they were all back outside walking together. And at that moment I DID realize that they…we …. had made it through a long winter.
Spring is a time of hope. It is a time when the weather starts to warm, the flowers start to bloom and the days get a little longer. It is a reminder that no season lasts forever. We all got through seasons in life with some seasons lasting longer than others but the seasons do change eventually.
I took a walk today with a few guys and met a few ladies. I took a walk today and felt something I have not felt in a long time……hope.


Day 14 of 30 
I run with my best buddy every day. The bonus of races being virtual now is that he can run them all with me!! 
Race sponsors that spoil running buddies are what I am so grateful for today! 

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