Today is my favorite day of the year! 
Yup Two Two …. and this year another 22!!
It is always my favorite day of the year (second to my birthday) but this year it is even more special. So many 2’s on one day!
Let’s all celebrate peace, love and kindness in honor of World Tutu Day!!
Today  ….
Dance like no one is watching!
Toss some glitter in the air!
Leave a little sparkle where ever you go!
Choose peace over conflict.
Choose love over hate.
Choose kindness over cruelty.
Make a conscious choice to do a random act of kindness (or more) today! 
No matter how small, kindness matters. 
Think kind thoughts
Speak kind words
Do kind deeds


12 years.
Looking back at that girl from 12 years ago….
there is so much I would tell her
Warnings I would inform her of
Advice I would give her
She would not have listened.
Back then, she was knee deep in mothering her kids. She was busy making excuses for everything in her life. She is me…. and we learn the hard way.
The wisdom and strength I have gained over those 12 years are worth all the pain and heartache.
The time of excuses is long past. I own all of my past.
Knowing me the way that I do…. I’m only going to grow in strength, character, grace and wisdom moving forward.
Looking back only helps me clearly see lessons learned in order to focus on the path forward.
What would you tell yourself 12 years ago?