Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1 .build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.

In order to rebuild, there has to be something rebuild to begin with.  Something that has been damaged. As the definition states, it is to build again after it has been damaged or destroyed.
So what was damaged? That would be me. My children. My family. My faith. So much has been damaged that rebuilding will not be easy, nor will it be fast… but it will happen.  
I am starting to find my way. I have been collecting the tools I need for this project for a long time.
It is finally time to put them all to use and build something stronger and better for the future.
The telling of my story no longer makes me cry….at least not as much as it used to and for entirely different reasons now. Thus I know I am on the road to healing. I am ready to share this rebuilding process in the hopes that it will not only help me but help others as well. The journey will take twists and turns and the road may not always be without danger, potholes, and other nastiness but what is life without at least one wild roadtrip?
So …here’s to soaring again….


12 years.
Looking back at that girl from 12 years ago….
there is so much I would tell her
Warnings I would inform her of
Advice I would give her
She would not have listened.
Back then, she was knee deep in mothering her kids. She was busy making excuses for everything in her life. She is me…. and we learn the hard way.
The wisdom and strength I have gained over those 12 years are worth all the pain and heartache.
The time of excuses is long past. I own all of my past.
Knowing me the way that I do…. I’m only going to grow in strength, character, grace and wisdom moving forward.
Looking back only helps me clearly see lessons learned in order to focus on the path forward.
What would you tell yourself 12 years ago?