Click. The bedside light is turned off. 
As I roll over and get comfortable, Lucky moves into position. He nestles in to the space behind the bend in my knees and rests his head on my leg. It doesn’t matter where he in in the house, when I turn off that light, within seconds, there he is…. snuggled in the crook of my knees for the night. Every night. Without fail.  It has always been that way since the day he came to live with us.
Quarantine changed the way we lived. I was home all the time and long walks several times a day became the norm.  Lucky was living his best life!
Now that I am back at school and not home every day, I realize that the separation anxiety does not just belong to my Lucky dog, but to me as well. I miss his company and annoying behaviors! 
We walk several miles before I go to work each day and several more when I arrive home. However, that time before we both fall asleep, snuggled together, is important to both of us. We both need it. 
They say we don’t rescue dogs…. they rescue us. I believe we rescue each other.