There are times in our life that require us to use every ounce of our energy, patience and endurance. It is so important in those times to use the energy that we DO have left to stay focused. It is so important to keep ourselves from thinking and obsessing about things that drain energy from us. That is often not easy to do.
We need to remain focused on the next step. We need to remember how far we’ve come. We need to remember that we can keep moving forward, often one baby step at a time.
It is in these times that new chapters of our life are being written. The chapters written before today and the chapters written in the future will make up the story that is your life. When all chapters of the story are together in one place, things will start to make sense. We will see that the part we’re going through right now could not be skipped. It is a critical part of the story! When we look at that complete story, we will see what an amazingly strong human we have become.
So, we take things one step at a time. We rest when we are tired. We do not linger in this space. We remember all the steps we took to get to this point. We know that if we keep moving forward, we make progress. All chapters must eventually end. So we take the next right step.
We move forward…one step at a time. A baby step or a giant leap…we just move forward.
Forward is a pace.