Six years. 
So much can change in 6 years.
So much learning and so much growth. I’ve learned that getting divorced sucks but being divorced is a whole new world of freedom. 6 years ago when I was barely breathing and trying to hold it together while my world fell apart I could never have even imagined a night like last night.
But when you learn the art of manifestation from your son, you learn that life can be an amazing adventure.  
Learning to move forward has been the biggest blessing and taken me places I never thought possible.  I take none of it for granted. 
On a cool fall evening, I sat at a table along the Chicago river. I took a deep breath and took it all in. The table was filled with the most accomplished women. I was honored to be sitting with them and now blessed to call them all friend.  These women teach me to own my story and the chapter I am currently writing.  They teach me that I am not only deserving of love but I am worthy of all the good that comes to me in my life.  They teach me that in order to continue to move forward, I must embrace the next steps. They teach me that growth is scary but I need to not just lean in to saying yes more often but jump in, saying “Fuck Yes”!
At the head of the table was a woman who  saw something in me years ago and thought I deserved to be at that table.  She taught me to ‘just be a mom.’ She taught me to trust myself. She teaches my every day that I still have a long way to go, a lot to learn and a lot of goals that need accomplishing. She is teaching to say #FuckYes to life a lot more often(and  Hell No to the couch). For that and so much more,  I am forever grateful. 


Day 6 of 30
City parks. City benches. These spaces are a gift to the residents of the city. Today the parks were full. Kids playing catch, socially distanced groups of ladies chatting, seniors sitting on the benches watching people go by, dogs playing fetch….it was such a sweet sight. Parks are a space that are often forgotten while we are rushing to get it all done or get from one place to another. Today I was reminded of a simpler time and for that I am grateful.


After school today, I headed out for my run. It was overcast and I was hoping to beat the rain. About a half mile from home, it started to sprinkle a bit. I turned to head home and stepped right into a puddle! While I was busy cursing my stupidity, I felt my other foot get wet….yup stepped in another puddle. The curse words were flowing ….I can string them together better than any sailor! Then I just started to laugh…..I could not get any more wet (ok, I could and did) but at this point, it was not really raining hard…just an annoying cold, raw drizzle so I started to walk. I pulled out my phone and changed my playlist. I switched from my running playlist to a playlist of classical female composers (listen here) and started walking. I needed to slow it down.
As I walked, I started to look around. I realized that the streets were empty and quiet. The rain had chased everyone indoors. I could smell fireplaces burning, dinners cooking, wet leaves and the rain. I could hear the raindrops hitting my jacket. I watched my happy, muddy, wet dog proudly carry his ball.
I live for a run on a cool, crisp, sunny fall day. It is one of my favorite things in the world. But running (or walking) in the rain on a cold raw fall day has its own endearing qualities. The colors of the fall trees against grey skies seem to be so much more rich and vibrant. The freedom of not having to avoid other people. The peace of being alone with your thoughts. I love it all!
As I walked, I thought about how a simple shift in mindset can change so much. I started off wet and cold and wanted to head home. But I ‘turned that frown upside down.’ Not in a “Pollyanna” way but in a real world “It can’t get anymore wet” way. I chose to make the best of the situation.
Take the opportunity to change your perspective. See the upside. Find the silver lining. Life is not always good but there is good in every day.