Valentine’s Day is for everyone.
Hearts, flowers, candy, balloons…..all of that is what businesses and advertisers what you to believe is at the core of Valentine’s Day.
Today people will post photos all over social media with testaments of love to a partner. Photos of dinners and dates and all sorts of demonstrations of ‘love’. But at what cost? What happens on the other days of the year?
Valentine’s Day is a day that is painful for some for so many reasons. It is a day that is filled with sadness for some people. It is a day that can be lonely for others. It is a day some loathe and some dread.
Valentine’s Day is one day. Just one. It is a day on a calendar that we celebrate love. And it is a day for everyone. Everyone’s feelings need to be honored and everyone deserves to be loved.
So today, feel all of your feelings. Love yourself and love others.
You are important.
You matter.
You are all loved.


The 14 days of love challenge began in February 1. For the first 14 days of this month I will write a note for each of my kids with “I love you because…” with a different reason each day. I used to write each one a post it note and leave a Hershey kiss, however now that they are older, I send a text each day and then send the kisses at the end with an additional small gift.
It gets more difficult as the days progress as I try to find reasons they don’t think I see. Try it with the people you love. Challenge yourself.